At the end of 2017 I decided to take on a home renovation project, this is a new area for me. I have never renovated a home before, my most ambitious plans for renovating gone no further than decorating my home; My initial plan was to redecorate only. The house was not old and dated it only needed a cosmetic facelift.

However, as I became more involved and explored the ideas and options further my plans got bigger, included the kitchen and garden landscapes. I planned to take walls down, re-arrange the kitchen dining room and explore modern furniture with a definite consideration to colours and lightings (something I never paid attention to in the past).

Initially I started with a list of ideas and a very small budget as a form of proof of concept plan. I also sketched plans of the room as they are followed by sketches of completed work (at the time I had no plans to share this with you so unfortunately, I didn’t save the plans! A Lesson learned).

Once all sketches were complete and I was satisfied with the expected results I began putting project plans in place including costs, raw material and seeking out quotes of contractors and the dates when they are next available to start.

This was a very valuable experience for me not only working with smaller business but also in the construction and creative market. The project successfully completed in spring 2018 with increase in time lines and materials not been readily available and contractors underestimating the length of time a project requires and costs! very typical problem I know.

I gained valuable experience and insight of a new sector and an in-depth view of any complications and bottlenecks faced and how to overcome them and most of all I gained a very happy customer.

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