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Hamdah Limited

HamdahLimited is a London-based management consulting firm dedicated to providing one-to-one services to both established and growing organisations. We tailor sustainability and transformation strategies and provide bespoke business management consultancy that puts every resource in your organisation to work.

Our focus lies in private, public and social sectors. We partner with our clients to transform their organisations in the ways that matter most to them. Be it embedding digital, analytics, crafting design theories into core processes and mindsets or developing skills that help your organization and its people; we take care of everything in an ever-changing context. At Hamdah Limited Business Management Consultancy, we have professional consultants who are value-driven and aspire to meet the highest legal and ethical standards. We believe in creating a positive social impact through our work with our clientele and in the way we run our firm.

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Feel the Benefit of a Value-Driven Team of Business Professionals Working for Your Firm.

Enshirah Al-khamar found Hamdah in 2017, after a long career in the corporate world, in the United Kingdom specialising in providing industry-leading bespoke solutions to both private and public business sectors. We address the desire to change and therein enable your organisation’s leaders and processes to overcome the hindering challenges. Hamdah Limited Business Management Consultancy offers professional, confidential, and trustworthy service with dedication and commitment to help you smoothen the necessary transition.

At Hamdah Limited, we aim at offering innovative solutions to business leaders leading them to overcome today’s interferences. To us, no business is too small. We equip businesses with troubleshooting capabilities, which later encourage them to improve performance, bring sustainability, and simultaneously generate profits.


“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

Thomas Edison

American inventor and businessman


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